FFO: Charli XCX and Dua Lipa - 60 Seconds with Yorkshire newcomer Franky

"Each music phase I've gone through has left its mark."

Get to know Yorkshire singer/songwriter Franky, who has been described as a mix between Charli XCX and Earth, Wind & Fire, and loves a good "chanty pop hook"...

What was the first gig you went to?

S Club 7 was one of the first concerts I went to of memory.

I loved S Club 7 so much I even made a banner for the concert with my mum, but when the camera came to us, the banner was upside down - so that was an epic fail.

Tell us about your first big gig?

I was the opening support act for Party in the Park Leeds.

The crowd was so big that their cheers sounded like a roar - it was insane!

Sadly that event doesn't happen anymore so I'm glad I was fortunate enough to play there whilst it was still around.

When you were young who were you mimicking in front of the mirror?

I loved Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, LeAnn Rimes, Nelly Furtado, No Doubt, there was a lot more but they are just some off the top of my head I remember I used to sing to.

When did you realise you have a gift for singing?

Around four or five years old, I entered myself for a talent show on a family holiday and sang my own rendition of the Spice Girls' 'Stop Rght Now' (with dance moves of course ) and won. I then just kept working on it and performing and singing when I could until I eventually started writing myself.

Your song 'All of the Boys' has been compared to Charli XCX, how does that feel?

I love Charli XCX so if somebody compares me to someone I love then I think that's such a huge compliment.

Tell us about your latest single 'Follow My Lead'?

I wrote this to inspire people to throw caution out of the door and go for whatever they want in life, even if it seems so far out of reach, don't make excuses for why you shouldn't or can't do something just 'Follow My Lead' and give it your all even if you break the mold of what everyone else is doing or think you should be doing, you only get one shot at life so make it a good one.

Listen to 'Follow My Lead':

You are also a DJ. How does that inform you in the studio making music?

I think it's really helpful for me to see what makes a crowd tick when I'm out DJing, because I can use that to put into hooks when i'm in the studio writing my own music.

Do you prefer being behind the decks or on stage performing?

I love both so much for different reasons, when I DJ it's nice to just focus on the mixing and dance with the crowds that are loving the music I love to play and not so much worrying about what I'll have to say in-between songs etc.

But performing is amazing because all those people are listening not just to music you like mixing together but music you actually composed lyrics and melodies to - which is such a special feeling.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

I can't say there's one or two main inspirations for me, I take lots of inspiration from disco and 80s' music, and really hooky chanty pop hooks, but my taste in music has changed through the years and each music phase I've gone through has left its mark.

Are you working towards an EP? And can we expect lots of new music from you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I really hope so! I'm currently finalising some things for a special collaboration that will be coming out soon that I love!

My next single is ready to go, so the release of that will depend on when we can shoot the artwork, which is hard to say at the moment, but whenever it happens I'm so ready and excited for everyone to hear it.

'Follow My Lead' is out now.