60 Seconds with San Cisco's Jordi Davieson

Photo: Pooneh Ghana

"Our career is quite strange."

Which song started off your new EP 'Flaws'? We had actually written all of the songs before we decided to turn it into an EP.

I think it was our record labels idea in America to release an EP, which we liked the idea of so we went with it.

The single 'Reasons' has had such an amazing response, did you know you were onto something special with that one? Yeah, I kind of did.

I remember when I came up with the chorus I recorded a voice memo on my phone and sent it to the group.

I don’t usually do that but I think I knew it was kinda special.

No one responded to it, though.

It wasn’t until we were in the studio that it got people's attention.

Watch 'Reasons:

What was it like working on the music video with Freya Esders? It's great working with Freya! This was the second clip we had done with her so she knows what we are into stylistically and we trusted her to come up with a concept.

Does being filmed come naturally to you as performers or is it still nerve-racking? I certainly don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. But, I think just because of the amount of film clips we have done and from starting kinda young, it‘a not too nerve-racking anymore.

How have you developed your sound sonically? More acoustic guitar and CP80 (keyboard). Some of the songs are a little slower than usual and a little less poppy. Tell us an interesting fact about the EP? It's great to listen to while driving. You’ve been a band now for more than a decade, what is it about the bond you share that makes it work?   We have been friends for some time now and have seen each other grow and change through the last 12+ years.

Our career is quite strange and I don’t think there are many people that completely understand it.

I think that connection is a very strong bond.   How do you keep the magic alive? It can be quite hard sometimes. I think you need an open stream of communication. Would you say Tame Impala set the blueprint for Australian artists like yourselves? Yeah - you could definitely say that.

I think their gradual climb to stadium status is the key to their longevity - also amazing songwriting and production. Are you still writing and thinking about what comes next? Well now we have been grounded by COVID-19, I'm definitely thinking about getting onto the next record.

'Flaws' is released on March 27 via Nettwerk Records.