60 Seconds with Saturday Night hitmaker Whigfield: I wouldn't mind collaborating with the Vengaboys

"It's time for Whiggy again."

'Saturday Night' hitmaker Whigfield - whose real name is Sannie Calrson - recently returned with new single 'Suga' and here she talks to Lizzie about the 90s Eurodance banger's legacy, wanting to team up with her peers Vengaboys and what fans can expect from the next chapter of Whiggy...

Tell us about your new latest song 'Suga' and what inspired it?

I was in London working with two very talented producers, Gigi Canu from the Italian band Planet Funk ('Chase The Sun') and a Scottish fella called Sonny Reeves.

We just had a laugh every time we got together and I think that’s what you can hear on 'Suga'.

You’ve been writing for other house DJs. Have you got anything in the pipeline you can tell us about?

I’ve been writing for others for quite a while so when I began to release house music a couple of years back, I decided to use my birth name in order to not confuse anyone.

But now I think it’s time for Whiggy again - and I’m already thinking of the next track.

You must have some wild stories from the 90s. Can you recall any?

I once performed at the Bollywood Awards in Mumbai.

I was doing a duet of 'Saturday Night' with a Indian singer and 50 dancers behind us.

I was pretty calm until someone told me that around 1 billion people would watch it …OMG Then the tremors began. But it was a great experience.

How is your life different now?

I take better care of myself by eating well and working out daily.

In the old days, I would stay up till the early hours to work - now I’m in bed at 10pm.

'Saturday Night' continues to be played in clubs and at festivals and now people are doing dances to it on TikTok.

Did you ever imagine it would still be a soundtrack to people’s nights out almost three decades later when you created it?

No way! I always thought that it would go on maybe for a couple of years. But I thought wrong didn’t I?

Was it emotional seeing the video in Dublin of people dancing to 'Saturday Night'?

I was very honoured and moved.

I’m happy to see that I helped people through the lockdown.

People need other people to cope with things like this.

Have you had requests to perform at weddings as 'Saturday Night' is always played?

Haha! Yes! Constantly.

Do you get recognised on the street still?

I used to get recognised everywhere but that has fortunately died down. I’m not doing music for fame.

Your last studio album was 2012’s 'W'. Is there plans to make a new record?

I don’t think I’ll release an album - but maybe just an EP. For now, I’ll just keep releasing singles.

Are there any pop artists that you’d like to work with on a house remix for 'Suga'?

I wouldn’t mind collaborating with the Vengaboys and have Calvin Harris calling me up for a remix of 'Suga'.

Lastly, how are you keeping busy during the pandemic - can we expect more new music soon?

Cleaning, cooking, Netflix, FaceTiming and promoting my music.

Let’s see how long we’ll have to stay inside.

But as soon as we are allowed to fly again, I’m on the next flight to London to produce more tracks.

Listen to the 'Wh0' remix of 'Suga':