60 Seconds with Waxflower's Tristan Higginson

"We will always strive to provide an empathetic shoulder to lean on."

Brisbane pop punks Waxflower just landed a record deal over at Rude Records, a massive feat for a band who only formed last January.

After dropping their epic single 'Sixteen Floors' last week, we caught up with frontman Tristan Higginson to talk about the record deal, music as therapy, using their platform to speak up on mental health, and working with studio wizard and scene legend Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic).

Congratulations on the signing to Rude Records. It's such an amazing achievement so early on in your career. Does it give you greater confidence?

Thank you very much!

It’s certainly something we didn’t expect after only a year of being a band - but we’re incredibly grateful to have them onboard.

It does instil confidence to have a more extensive team backing our releases.

Tell us about your new single 'Sixteen Floors'?

The song catalogues a period of my life at the end of a relationship.

It was basically just putting those emotions onto the page as I didn’t feel I had anything else to do with them.

You've worked with Stevie Knight, who has produced some incredible records.

What's the best thing about him?

Stevie is basically a genius.

He has a proven track record of huge names in the scene and it’s no fluke.

He knows how to take bands to that next level.

Are you still writing and working on new material amid the pandemic?

We had just wrapped up our Australian headline tour before everything stalled.

We had planned to focus our time on writing regardless - so it has worked out well. 

Is music your escape during these times?

I’ve definitely found myself listening to my “comfort” albums more.

Those albums that I can put on front to back and just bliss out.

Would you say music has saved you when you've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks? Is it like therapy? 

It definitely played its part in combination with talk therapy and medication.

I would often listen to instrumental music to help calm me down when I was panicking and even had a panic attack Spotify playlist.

Do you hope to use your platform to speak out on issues such as mental health?

Absolutely, I have always found solace in the scene and bands who weren’t shy about mental health issues.

We will always strive to provide an empathetic shoulder to lean on.

How would you describe the bond you share with one another?

As cliche as it sounds, these guys are my best friends.

We’ve all been in bands before, but the teamwork here feels effortless - I’m really lucky to have found people who are as passionate about the band as I am.

How have you grown as a band over the past year?

We’ve been given some amazing opportunities over that period of time, and have constantly been learning and adapting.

What did you learn from supporting Simple Plan. Did they give you any advice?

Although we didn’t get a chance to meet the guys, getting to play a show of that scale was a great learning experience alone.

When things get back to normal what are you most looking forward to as a band?

We really just can’t wait to start playing live again.

I feel like we will have an even greater appreciation once we’re back.

What can you tell us about any new music you have coming up? 

I can’t go too much in to it, we have lots to look forward though!

'Sixteen Floors' is out now on all major streaming services.