Album Review: All That Remains - Victim of the New Disease ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

"A true testament to Oil Herbert's guitar-slaying gift."

It's hard to put together the words to write this review, following the devastating loss of All That Remains' founding member and lead guitarist, Oli Herbert, who tragically died last month.

But 'Victim of the New Disease' is not a record to be swept under the rug.

This deeply emotional collection of melodic, and sometimes frantic, tunes are a real testament to Oli's guitar-slaying gift that will be sorely missed.

The hair-raising solo on 'Wasteland' teamed with frontman Phil Labonte's canorous chops is otherworldly.

It would be too easy to compare the album to the very best of Slipknot combined with Corey Taylor's subtler side project, Stone Sour, but that's what it resembles to some extent.

'Fuck Love' couldn't be more Slipknot if it tried at the start, but the extreme shredding elements of Phil's voice lend themselves to early Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon) and the same goes for the riff, which is very much in the vein of the Sheffield band's 'Count Your Blessings' era. The finale almighty roar at the end should come with a warning, it's so ear-shatteringly brutal.

A feature from Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop - the only collaboration on the record - switches things up a little, with Phil harmonising flawlessly with his whiskey-soaked blues timbre.

The album title track is anthemic with its crunching guitars, Bury Tomorrow-esque breakdowns and Bullet For My Valentine-like solo, it's clear to see how All That Remains have inspired a whole generation of bands.

It's absolutely devastating that this is the final album featuring Oli, and we pray that the band continue their journey in honour of the guitarist's legacy.

’Victim of the new Disease’ is out on November 9 via Eleven Seven Music.

Rating: 5/5

Reviewed by Lizzie Baker