Album Review: All Time Low - Wake Up, Sunshine

"All Time Low deliver the record we need from them right now."

When 'I'm a liar, I'm a cynic' burst through our speakers in January, we instantly fell in love with euphoric lead single 'Some Kind of Disaster'.

Alongside the prime pop-punk anthems, there are a couple of real heart-tuggers on All Time Low's eighth studio album, 'Wake Up, Sunshine, including the stripped-back Busted-esque 'Basement Noise', power ballad 'Glitter and Crimson' and campfire song 'Pretty Venom'.

Alex Gaskgarth and co have dropped a handful of tracks with featured artists during their lengthy career, and they've always exceeded expectation.

We've had Tegan and Sara on 'Ground Control' from 2017's 'Last Young Renegade', as well as Alex's Small Creatures bandmate Mark Hoppus on 'Tidal Waves' and Good Charlotte's Joel Madden on 'Bail Me Out' from 2015's 'Future Hearts', but this time ATL went a little more obscure, albeit still sticking to the alternative world.

'Monsters' features blackbear - who co-wrote Justin Bieber's mega-hit 'Boyfriend', is a member of alternative hip hop/R&B duo Mansionz with Mike Posner, and also collborated with Tyler Carter - and it's one of poppiest tracks on the record, whilst the Canadian musician's spits are off the scale.

Then there is 'Favorite Place' with indie-pop outfit The Band Camino, which is a sweet tip of the hat to the band after Alex revealed he felt it sounded like them.

If they wanted to, ATL could go completely down the pop route.

But - eight albums in - they are still devoted to their old-school pop-punk roots, and their consistency over the years has certainly struck a chord with their loyal fan-base.

FFO: Blink-182, Green Day, Busted

Rating: 9/10

Release Date: 04.04.20