Album Review: Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne pays homage to every era of her career on her comeback album 'Head Above Water'.

'Birdie' showcases the fragility of her vocals and harks back to 'Under My Skin'.

Whilst the Nicki Minaj-featuring 'Dumb Blonde' echoes her young and sassy 'The Best Damn Thing' days.

'Tell Me You Love Me' is a pure pop ballad - the kind you'd expect from Meghan Trainor and 'You Don't Owe Me' hitmaker Grace - and is Avril now; matured and baring battle scares after a hellish few years that saw her battle Lyme disease.

'Love Me Insane' even has her signature "Yeah-he-yaa, yeah-he-yah, yeah-he-yah, yeah-he-yah, yeah!" vocal from her mega-hit 'I'm With You'.

Album closer 'Warrior' is anthemic and filmic and has the qualities of a soundtrack for a feel good flick.

One thing is for sure, the young pop punk "sk8er girl" we were introduced to in the early 00s has spread her wings.

Rating: 8/10