Album Review: Bastille - Doom Days ✰✰✰✰/5

"Bastille present their most experimental album to date."


Collaborations with Marshmello ('Happier') and Craig David ('I Know You') have breathed new life into Bastille as the band present their most experimental album to date.

The four-piece document one apocalyptic night on third record, 'Doom Days' , a reaction to its intense predecessor 'Wild World' - which saw Bastille unleash their anger at the state of world politics.

Through the genre-hopping trap and EDM beats of 'Doom Days', gospel-tinged 'The Waves', euphoric-electro 'Those Nights' and the infectious 'Joy' - a career-best from the 'Pompeii' hitmakers - the band take fans on an emotional rollercoaster through sonic experimentation as they explore the power of human connection in dark times.

'Another Place', a future hit, has the lyrical genius of Ed Sheeran - if not better.

'Bad Decisions' combines a wild night out making the wrong choices with a tongue-in-cheek reaction the Brexit result, with the line “feeling lower than the sterling”.

'4am' is the most stripped back on the album, with a joyous choral backing and subtle beats, built for that moment at a concert when the audience is a sea of phone lights.

The album's title might be joyless, but the overall feeling of 'Doom Days' is ironically sanguine.

'Doom Days' is released on June 14 via Virgin EMI.