Album Review: Black Honey - Self-Titled

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

“Black Honey deliver delicious pop treats straight from their own hive.”

Brighton band Black Honey - fronted by rock chick Izzy B. Phillips - have today released their debut self-titled album on their very own label, Foxfive Records, a decision that is proving rather fruitful for DIY bands these days - Heavy metal group While She Sleeps achieved a top 10 album in the UK with their independently released LP ‘You Are We’ last year.

Since emerging in 2014, there has been quite the hype around this young rock n roll group with their edgy-grungy fashion and ability to write just genuinely solid bangers.

But this debut record - comprised of delicious pop treats straight from their own hive (see what we've done there) - is sure to propel them to new heights with slick production and a track co-written with fellow Brighton band, BRIT Award-winners Royal Blood (‘Into The Nightmare’).

From the off with opening track ‘I Only Hurt The Ones I Love’, Black Honey give us Hole and Garbage vibes, but with a modern millennial spin.

Then it’s straight into the lead single ‘Midnight’ which we’ve been spinning on repeat since its release.

Izzy’s dreamy vocal delivery on record teamed with a Quentin Tarantino-inspired visual with the accompanying music video leave us foaming at the mouth, craving more of their tempting hoodoo.

And they don't dissapoint, continuing to indulge us with ‘Bad Friends’ and ‘Blue Romance’ carrying through all of the above qualities.

Black Honey - completed by guitarist Chris Ostler, bassist Tommy Taylor and drummer Tom Dewhurst - don’t put a foot wrong on this exhilarating debut that has us trapped in their gooey honey pot.

Rating: 9.5/10 For Fans Of: Dream Wife, Hole, Garbage

Watch: Midnight:

Black Honey's debut self-titled album is out now.