Album Review: British Lion - The Burning

"Land of The Perfect People is a superbly calibrated rock anthem."

It's impossible to pigeonhole Iron Maiden's bassist Steve Harris' side offering, British Lion.

Their long-awaited second album, 'The Burning', sees the five-piece tread into emo power rock territory on standout track, 'Legend', with 30 Seconds to Mars-esque sonic structure and Jared Leto-like wails from singer Richard Taylor.

'Bible Black' and 'Lightning' have frantic guitars and epic power solos aplenty.

'Land of The Perfect People' is a superbly calibrated rock anthem.

Overall, it's a totally different beast from their straight-up classic rock self-titled debut released back in 2012.

Listen to 'Lightning':

Rating: 8/10

For Fans Of: Voodoo Six, Rush

Release Date: January 17th