Album Review: Broken Witt Rebels - OK Hotel

"Self-assured and ever relatable."

Broken Witt Rebels have never sounded more self-assured than on their second studio album, 'OK Hotel'.

The Birmingham outfit recorded their follow-up to their 2017 self-titled debut at Bear Creek Studios in Austin, Texas, and pay homage to the US with frontman Danny Core's journeyed whiskey-soaked vocals and immense Deep South sound.

But, they bring it back home with a touching ode to their home city on the closing track, 'Birmingham', on which Danny sings: "In Birmingham is where I found my feet, and in Birmingham is where I'll lose my teeth."

Standout moment 'Fearless' sees Danny channel his inner Steven Tyler and showcase the mesmerising depth of his voice over hair-raising riffs and meticulous production by The Wind and The Wave's studio wizard, Dwight Baker.

This hearty 13-track LP - which takes fans on a spiritual journey - is ever relatable and delivered straight from the heart.

Each song acts as a chapter to the next and we are already ready to see where their story goes next.

For Fans Of: Aerosmith, Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons

Rating: 9/10

Release date: 13.03.20