Album Review: Don Broco - Technology

"Don Broco experiment with funk, and jazz up their already popular repertoire ."

Bedford four-piece Don Broco deliver a record bursting with attitude and belting choruses and experiment in new territory with funky, Michael Jackson-esque beats.

The alternative group - singer Ron Damiani, guitarist Simon Delaney, bassist Tom Doyle and drummer Matt Donnelly - have everything in their arsenal; pop punk ballads, namely 'Priorities', heavy rock songs and now they've taken it a step further and jazzed up what was already popular, with an added touch of class.

'Greatness' is smooth and fiery all at once.

It makes us want to moonwalk to the beat, knock a stick on a cowbell and sing the line, 'Give me fucking greatness, or nothing at all.'

It's an anthem for the 'positive vibe' millennials to chant to their hearts content.  

We didn't think Broco could top 'Automatic', it was the soundtrack to our summer 2015 - and let's face it pretty much every summer after - but we are hyped to have a new record from the coolest lads in music, and to watch the next chapter in Broco's page-turning book. 

'Come Out To LA' tackles the woes of the music business and that's evident in the brutal drumming and Rob's heavier register, but it's also upbeat - we just know it's going to brighten up summer 2018!

We've heard 'Pretty', 'Stay Ignorant' and 'T-Shirt Song' and as evident at their biggest gig, Alexandra Palace in November, they are just damn right glorious live songs. 

 Watch: T-Shirt Song:

 'Technology' is out Friday 02.02.18, visit