Album Review: Keuning - Prismism

Dave Keuning used his break from The Killers to create an album steeped in 80s synth pop and experimental electronic sounds - not so distant from the Las Vegas band - which showcases his very own winsome baritone.

The 42-year-old guitarist hits us with dark subject matter found on songs like 'I Ruined You' - in which he appears to be describing some kind of breakdown, with the line: "I take out my phone, and gently throw it at the wall."

And heartache too, as he sings: "All these happy, happy days and nights and daggers to the heart."

It's all very relatable stuff.

On 'If You Say So' Keuning channels his inner Kurt Cobain with a grungy, distorted guitar opening and a songwriting style that you'd expect from the later Nirvana frontman, diary-like and confessional.

Complimenting the somewhat sombre lyrics, there are moments of upbeat 80s synth pop throwbacks, the kind of tunes you imagine listening to driving with your windows down in your Cadillac on Route 66, and 'Ruptured' is one of them.

Many of the tracks feel like they could have appeared on a Killers record.

'Boat Accident' is a great example of this, in fact you could easily place it on Brandon Flowers + co's 2012 album 'Battle Born'.

This is a stellar debut solo effort from Keuning and it's clear that the process was very cathartic for the musician.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by Lizzie Baker