Album Review: Lady Gaga - Chromatica - Gaga serves up her best era yet

"Pure pop escapism ... Gaga presents her magnum opus."

No one could have ever predicted the trajectory Lady Gaga's music would take when she released 'Just Dance' 12 years ago.

Since Gaga's 2008 debut 'The Fame', Stefani Germanotta has often hidden behind this brazen and fantastical alter ego, from meat dresses to turning herself into an actual living art piece at the 2011 Grammys, as she arrived enclosed in an egg sculpture.

But, by 2014, we started to get to know the real Stefani as she took a break from her signature 80s-inspired synth-pop and teamed up with jazz legend Tony Bennett on 'Cheek to Cheek', a collection of standards.

Two years later, Gaga gave us the deeply personal and emotional, biographical album 'Joanne', a dedication to her late aunt of the same name, and overall a rather more stripped-back, intimate affair with tinges of country and rock.

Then in 2018, Gaga made her dazzling acting debut in 'A Star Is Born' and wowed us with her Oscar-winning duet, 'Shallow', with co-star Bradley Cooper.

Gaga has gone through a great deal of heartbreak and painful experiences, and her breakups have inspired her latest offering, 'Chromatica'.

Gaga's sixth album is pure pop escapism that glides effortlessly from start to finish as Gaga invites you into her world.

'Chromatica' sees stage persona Gaga and Stefani collide, arguably, for the first time, as she presents her magnum opus.

Gaga, pop provocateur, is back with an explosion of sounds.

Who'd have thought Sir Elton John would feature on a song as wild as 'Sine From Above', with its intensely-hypnotic trance beat.

'Babylon' sounds like a homage to Madonna's 'Vogue' era, whilst '911' is a call to the dance-floor with pulsating industrial synths and unforgettably-catchy robotic vocals.

There's even a little nod to 'The Fame' on 'Fun Tonight', on which Gaga switches on the powerhouse.

Gaga sings: “You love the paparazzi, love the fame/ Even though you know it causes me pain."

'Rain On Me' featuring pop princess Ariana Grande is a powerful celebration of strength with one hell of a pop chorus that will go down in the history books.

Rating: 9/10

For Fans Of: Pop

Release Date: 29.05.20