Album Review: Malory - Killer Cut Offs

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Malory's second LP 'Killer Cut Offs' showcases the pop star in waiting's fun side, as introspective melancholic numbers sit alongside glowing examples of upbeat electro-pop.

The record is produced entirely by Malory herself and yet songs like 'All Grown Up' - which wouldn't be out of place on Sigrid's 'Sucker Punch' - and 'Porcupine' sound like they could've been created with multiple songwriters and a hotshot producer.

As well as being able to pen pop bangers, Malory has a knack for writing stirring dark pop ballads in the vein of Lana Del Rey and Lorde.

The follow-up to 2019's 'Cornucopia' proves Malory is certainly no one-trick pony as she curiously experiments with new soundscapes, which she rightly describes as an "eclectic, weird mix of instrumentation and sounds".

Speaking of the record, Malory said:"This album has really been my baby for the past half a year, I've gone through some big life changes and grown so much in the process of creating it. I'm so proud of the album, from the freeness of subject matter to the eclectic, weird mix of instrumentation and sounds.”

Malory admitted she had to overcome feeling inadequate in the male-dominated music in order to feel capable of recording an engineering the songs herself - which is outrageous!

She added: “Although I've always felt confident as a writer, singer and performer, being a female in the industry has meant I've always found it difficult to truly believe in my own abilities as a producer/engineer.

"It's such a male dominated role that I definitely had a mental block to overcome in order to just say, screw it I can do it myself.

"The strong women in my life like my sister (also a writer/producer under the name VIBES' my mother (a total force to be reckoned with) as well as my wonderful partner and team at Extreme all helped to give me the confidence to go for it."

For Fans Of: Sigrid, Lorde, Lana Del Rey

Release date: 24.04.20

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