Album Review: Naked Six - Lost Art Of Conversation

"Like Oasis and Nirvana had a baby."

Manchester outfit Naked Six's brand of rock is quite simply like Britpop and Grunge legends Oasis and Nirvana had a baby.

On their debut album, 'Lost Art Of Conversation', the trio serve up a 90s dream.

Back then, music-lovers were spoilt for choice, with the explosion of grunge, Britpop, and we can't deny the Spice Girls their success either.

These days, proper unadulterated rock'n'roll of this standard only pops up every now and then, and Naked Six come bursting at the seams with the stuff.

Every track is worthy of spilling your beer all over yourself in the mosh pit.

'Sticky Gum' opens with a Blur-esque riff, before frontman Seb Byford makes his entrance with a full-throated wail.

'The Change' is very much in the vein of Seattle's Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, but with Seb's strong Manchester accent leaving their own imprint.

Album title track 'Lost Art Of Conversation' is all about something we can all relate to, smartphones taking over from human conversation.

Standout track 'Outside Looking In' takes you aback, among several filthy rock 'n'roll-belters is a stadium-worthy ballad - one a certain fellow Mancunian, Noel Gallagher, would surely approve of - and it even features a surprising sax solo.

Naked Six's debut is a tremendous showcase of their aptitude for their instruments.

Their influences couldn't be more obvious, but most excitingly, they are constantly evolving and switching up their sound on album one, so number two has a lot to live up to.

Watch 'Lost Art Of Conversation':

Rating: 9/10

For Fans Of: Oasis, Blur, Nirvana

Release Date: 6.03.20