Album Review: NEEDTOBREATHE - Out of Body

Photo: Brett Warren

They might be a man down following the departure of Nathaniel Bryant 'Bo' Rinehart, but Grammy-nominated NEEDTOBREATHE are by no means lacking in anything on their most wholesome outing to date.

With every NEEDTOBREATHE record you know you are in for a euphoric ride, and their new collection is no different. From the get-go with 'Mercy's Shore', Bear Rinehart's warm-blooded yet intimate vocals ignite a fuzzy spark inside of you.

The songwriting from NEEDTOBREATHE camp is ever-majestic - on a par with the likes of Chris Martin and Ed Sheeran.

The South Carolina trio - completed by Seth Bolt and Josh Lovelace - celebrate the relationships in their lives on their much-anticipated third studio effort, 'Out of Body'.

'Banks' is an empowering feminist anthem that pays homage to the strong women in their lives.

The band explain: “‘Banks’ is our way of saying we support you and that there’s nothing more beautiful than watching you effortlessly become the very thing you were made to be.”

'Hang On' has provided fans with the ultimate release amid the Covid shitshow of 2020, with one unforgettably-hooky chorus and a reminder to live life to its fullest and without regret.

Rinehart belts: "If you listen to the voices inside, they will do you wrong

You can look back over your shoulder, yeah, but don't look too long

It takes time to realise that your life's gonna pass you by."

NEEDTOBREATHE's heartwarming brand of gospel pop is built for stadium sing-alongs, and quite frankly we can't wait to get to hear this new batch of songs blossom live.

Rating: 8/10

For Fans Of: Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons

Release date: 28.08.20