Album Review: Night Riots - New State Of Mind

Los Angeles-quintet Night Riots are a crossover of mainstream bands The Killers and The 1975 and 00s' emo power pop groups Hellogoodbye and Panic! At The Disco on second studio album, 'New State Of Mind'.

The latter comparison specifically applies to the sugar sweet and heavily auto-tuned 'Loyal To The Game'.

Jungle anthem 'Never Too Late' sounds like it's straight out of the new 'The Lion King' movie, apt with a little cub featured on the artwork, albeit not a Lion.

'Leave Us Alone' screams 80s new wave and could easily be mistaken for Duran Duran.

First on our radar in 2014, the band could be slotted into the modern-day The Cure/Morrissey bracket with their popular goth-pop track 'Contagious', but 'New State Of Mind' showcases a band who aren't afraid to change their stripes.

For Fans Of: The 1975, Hellogoodbye

Rating: ★★★★/5