Album Review: Sum 41 - Order In Decline

Sum 41 take no prisoners on their heaviest album to date, 'Order In Decline'.

Deryck Whibley and co have long graduated from the school of pop punk and if their 2016 comeback LP, '13 Voices', was your jam, then you will not be disappointed.

At 10 tracks long, there is no room for throwaways, with each song meticulously produced by Whibley.

The feisty collection is packed to the brim with biting vocals, wrenching crescendos and booming bass.

The largely aggressive lyrical matter comes from Whibley's anguish towards the unrest around him.

'45 (A Matter Of Time)' takes aim at Donald Trump, but there are softer moments like 'Never There’, which sees the frontman address his absent father with a heartstring puller, reminiscent of 'Pieces' from Sum 41's 2004 album,'Chuck'.

Anthemic closer 'Catching Fire' tackles loss and was written when the world lost Linkin Park's Chester Bennington - Sum 41 teamed up with his bandmate Mike Shinoda to perform 'Faint' as a tribute to the late frontman at Reading and Leeds last year - and Soundgarden and Audioslave's Chris Cornell to suicide.

It's admirable that almost two decades after the release of their bravado-filled debut album, 'All Killer, No Filler', Sum 41 have been able to evolve their sound with merit.


For Fans Of: Green Day, Rise Against