Album Review: While She Sleeps - SO WHAT?

While She Sleeps take gang vocals to the next level with the backing of a choir and edgy electronic sounds on their new record 'SO WHAT?'.

There was no doubt weight on the Sheffield band's shoulders after scoring a Top 10 album in the UK with their DIY effort 'You Are We' in 2017, but as with each record they make they come back bolder and better.

Loz Taylor and co always push boundaries and, as you'd expect, they turned it up a notch on their third outing.

Frontman Loz recently documented his battle with his vocal cords in a short documentary about the making of the album, in which he vowed to be in While She Sleeps until it's not physically possible.

The moving short film showcased the alternative five-piece's stoic friendship and musicianship as a force to be reckoned with.

The record displays that very fighting spirit with heated heavy anthems such as the titular track 'SO WHAT?', which just like the single 'Haunt Me' sees the band accompanied with a choir.

Songs like 'Good Grief' and 'Back Of My Mind' take a step out of fellow Sheffield band Bring Me The Horizon's book, experimenting with electronic and techno sounds, whilst the latter also features a surprising rap verse.

Arguably the most experimental track on the record is 'Gates of Paradise', which starts life as a standard WSS song, but around the three minute mark the vocals transition into a delicate more fragile style, again with choral elements.

The expansive 11-track album takes the listener on a visceral journey via a kaleidoscopic palette of sounds.

'SO WHAT?' sees While She Sleeps graduate with the highest honours in melodic hardcore and embark on a new chapter sonically, keeping us hooked and guessing what road they will take next with their ever-evolving identity.

Rating: 9/10