Alice L drops new pop banger Tired of U + lyric video

London's rising pop artist Alice L has released her new single 'Tired of U'.

Following on from July's sugary-sweet breakup banger, 'Hang Up', and debut single, 'Still Thinking of Me?' - which has been streamed over 30,000 times - Alice has scored a hat-trick with her latest track.

This time, Alice - who draws inspiration from artists such as Julia Michaels and Lennon Stella - got Callum Irons of UK pop punk trio Shaded to produce the track, and it's a match made in heaven.

'Tired of U' chronicles the feeling of staying in a relationship even though it's going nowhere.

Alice said: "You know those relationships where you both know it's not going anywhere, but you're so used to it that you can't face the normality of life without it? 'Tired of U' explores


The prolific songwriter is already gearing up for her fourth single of the year.

Meanwhile, Alice recently told Lizzie's Lowdown she writes about her own "painful experiences" to help others going through a similar thing to feel "understood".

Asked how she wants her music to make people feel, she said: "Understood. There’s nothing I love more than finding a song that just hits you because of how much you relate to it."