Astræa Looking Up EP: Pin-drop vocals and 80s-synths that would make Duran Duran proud

Lizzie's Lowdown previously hailed the EP's title track ('Looking Up') for its "stadium-worthy chorus that could easily fill Wembley Stadium", and the rest of Astræa's latest release doesn't disappoint.

Opener, 'Stranger', is a euphoric trip dripping in 80s-tinged synths that would make Duran Duran proud, while 'Take Me Away' sounds like it's straight out of a Bond movie.

'Scars' brings Astræa's breathtaking pin-drop vocals into the focus, as she bares her soul in a moving song about "wearing my scars on my sleeve".

As a songwriter, the London-based star - who grew up in Minnesota - has penned and produced tracks for the likes of Ward Thomas, Hannah Grace, Empara Mi, and many more.

You've likely heard her song 'Waiting' which was on 'Love Island' a couple of years ago.

Astræa - whose real name is Jennifer Ann - is one of the most exciting artists on the rise, with an exceptional ear for a pop hook.

The DIY artist is the full package and has a very bright future ahead if she keeps dropping pop gems of this ilk.

Rating: 8/10

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Listen to 'Looking Up' below: