Bastille's Distorted Light Beam music video is like an episode of Black Mirror

Bastille are back with a euphoric cut about how social media can be used to create or manipulate any given narrative.

'Distorted Light Beam' is accompanied with a futuristic music video featuring the same kind of tech from the Netflix series 'Black Mirror', which appears on the face and transports the person to a fantasy realm.

Speaking of the track - which is co-written by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, alongside Bastille's long-time collaborator Mark Crew - frontman Dan Smith said: “For us 'Distorted Light Beam' soundtracks dancing through some twisted, euphoric futuristic club space. It’s a song about limitless possibilities - which isn’t something any of us actually have in real life right now, so it’s been fun to explore that idea while experimenting with new sounds in our music.”

While the subject matter has been explored before, Bastille's new cut sees them delve further into the dance world, propelled by Tedder's pin-drop pop production.

'Distorted Light Beam' is the first track taken from the 'Happier' hitmakers' fourth studio album.

Smith recently told BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac: “Making this album has been a lifeline for us this year, having some-thing to do, some escapism, something else to think about. This feels like a new start, new era. We’re really excited.”

The band's last studio album was 2019's 'Doom Days' and they released the EP 'Goosebumps' in December.

Bastille are due to headline Latitude festival and Standon Calling, and play two nights at London’s Hampton Court Palace this year.

Stream 'Distorted Light Beam' below: