Beartooth - Below: Cathartic, turbocharged riffage and gigantic choruses from metalcore's finest

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo has never shied away from opening up about his mental health on previous records.

And the Ohio hardcore outfit conjured up some colossal riffs and candid lyrics penned about the "mental strain" of the past year on their fourth studio album, 'Below'.

Shomo said of the LP: "'Below' is by far my favourite album I've made to date.

"It covers the dark side of dealing with mental strain during the last year. I gave it all I had — musically and lyrically. Is it too dark? Possibly, but it was as honest as I could be about how I felt. I hope everyone is ready to strap in for a wild ride of head banging and rocking."

The stadium-sized collection sees the band go back to their roots, with their most pedal-to-the-medal heavy metal record since their 2014 debut effort, 'Disgusting'.

'Devastation' is punk to the core and reminiscent of 00s-era Escape The Fate and A Day to Remember, while 'No Return' is built for the festival stage; there's no doubt it would have been on the band's setlist this summer, with its fist-pumping riffs and sing-a-long chorus.

'Fed Up' is three minutes and 21 seconds of therapy; the kind of song to soundtrack an intense workout or run, with shiny metallic industrial drums and volatile vocals.

'The Answer', meanwhile, is arguably Beartooth's most vulnerable track to date, you can feel the shift as Shomo's emotions let rip and his rage takes a backseat.

'Below' is packed to the brim with cathartic, turbocharged riffage and gigantic choruses, and also a tip of the hat to their idols (Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer).

'Stream 'Below' now.

For Fans Of: A Day to Remember, Escape The Fate

Rating: 8/10