Bite The Boxer - A Stream Becomes A River: A dream-like meditative listen to get lost in

"Synthwave and cinematic ambient, blended with a lo-fi and dream-pop twist", is how Bite The Boxer - the sole project of Matt Park - describes his new EP, 'A Stream Becomes A River'.

The Dorset-based musician took to Twitch to write and record the four tracks on the EP during live streams in a "build a song from scratch in under 2.5 hours" challenge, getting feedback from viewers online, before finishing the songs behind the scenes.

With a background in rock bands, Park relished the chance to be fully in charge of the project for the first time - and from the freedom came a depth of experimentation.

As a pop reference point, much of the EP draws heavily on Park's Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross influence.

Final track 'Summer of Everything', which features a female vocalist, is very much in the vein of the Nine Inch Nails stars' work on Halsey's recent LP, 'If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power', which the Industrial rock legends oversaw.

Elsewhere, 'Time Stands Still' is a sci-fi lovers paradise, and could have easily been a part of the soundtrack for a movie such as 'Avatar', with its soaring orchestral elements, combined with jolting jungle beats that make you feel like you are floating down stream in the rainforest.

There's a myriad of styles touched on here that have left the door open for further experimentation, and, overall, it's a dream-like meditative listen to get lost in.

Listen to 'A Stream Becomes A River' below: