BONES UK deliver another pulsing slice of electro-rock perfection

BONES UK recently celebrated the "perfectly imperfect" with their video for 'Pretty Waste' and now they've given us another taste of what's to come on their upcoming self-titled debut studio album, due out July 12, in the form of 'Choke'.

Speaking about the meaning behind the intense track, Vocalist Rosie Bones - who is joined by guitar goddess Carmen Vandenberg in the exciting rock duo - said:

"'Choke' is a track about being so into someone you wanna kill them. You know when you see a puppy that is SO CUTE you wanna squeeze it until it dies? It's about that. When you feel so don't know what to do with it all. It makes your teeth clench and your fists hard."

Watch the badass Gille Klabin-directed music video:

As per a press release, BONES UK's album confronts "everything from the beauty industrial complex to toxic masculinity to music-scene sexism, embedding each track with choruses primed for passionate shouting-along. "

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The track-listing is as follows: 1 - Beautiful Is Boring 2 - Filthy Freaks 3 - Pretty Waste 4 - Leach 5 - I'm Afraid of Americans 6 - Souls 7 - Skeletone 8 - Choke 9 - Creature 10 - Black Blood 11 - Limbs 12 - Girls Can't Play Guitar