BONES UK release bold music video for David Bowie cover I'm Afraid of Americans

Ahead of Independence Day (4th July), BONES UK have depicted the darker side of American culture with their bold music video for their gritty cover of David Bowie's 'I'm Afraid of Americans'.

The British electronic rock duo - comprised of vocalist Rosie Bones and guitar goddess Carmen Vandenberg - now call the country home (Los Angeles) and have admitted that there is "one f***ing terrifying" American in this world. No need to guess who that might be.

Rosie explained:

“We wanted to play with American stereotypes and go darker on them.

“It’s like the seedy underbelly of the American dream.”

Watch 'I'm Afraid of Americans' now:

The cover was originally recorded for US radio personality Howard Stern's 'The Howard Stern Tribute to David Bowie' - to celebrate the 'Starman' hitmaker, who passed away at the age of 69 in 2016.

"We got asked to cover this song by Mr. Howard Stern and knew it was perfect on so many levels.

"Obviously lyrically relevant in the current political climate. Not all Americans are scary but ONE is f***ing terrifying!"

BONES UK release their self-titled debut album on July 12 via Sumerian Records.