Broken Witt Rebels talk all things OK Hotel

"Supporting Whiskey Myers was fuel for our songwriting."

Broken Witt Rebels frontman Danny Core gives us the lowdown on the band's latest album, 'OK Hotel' - which went straight to number four in the UK's Rock/Metal chart.

Danny tells us about how supporting Texan country-rock band Whiskey Myers in the US inspired their songwriting, the story behind the album title, and how their strength as a band was tested...

This album was a real journey wasn't it?

We are very proud of the album we made. I believe our confidence came from writing a lot of really strong songs.

That resulted in us being almost spoilt for choice in what to choose for the album.

As a band we all had a clear mindset of what we wanted to achieve, what this record should sound like and where it should take the listener. It's a hell of a journey.

Another chapter for us as a band. How did recording at Bear Creek Studios in Texas influence and inspire the record? 

We were very inspired being at Bear Creek.

The year before we were fortunate enough to tour the US for a brief time, and finished our trip making a demo there.

Once we got home we realised that Texas was where we wanted to make the record.

Our experience supporting Whiskey Myers out there was fuel for our songwriting and going back there to record and to do it at Bear Creek was a special experience. What was it like working with The Wind and The Wave's Dwight Baker (producer)? 

He's a great man! We instantly got along with him, our humour was very alike and he didn't take bullshit. We like that. Sometimes you gotta call it like it is to save time. Which song started the album off and when did it start to take shape? We had planned the songs we were going to put on the album weeks before actually making the record.

We were speaking and messaging with Dwight and arrived with a crystal clear plan for the tracks we selected for the album.

The first track we actually put down was 'Love Drunk.'

Tell us the story behind the album title? 'OK Hotel' came from a joke with us and our manager Iain.

We were on a support tour in Germany and we were staying in hostels to keep costs down and this particular run of hostels were terrible!

Iain would call and ask how our stay was every morning.

We would just say it was OK. It was a proper laugh or cry moment.

I think on that tour we agreed on making this album, so it made sense to us. 

How have you adapted your sound sonically?

We believe it's made for stadiums. Anthemic.

We made this album with that goal in mind and our objectives in working with Dwight were to achieve that.

We truly believe we got there.

These songs sound just how we wanted them to.

Getting there tested our strength as a band, our musicianship and our ability to convey what we wanted to achieve in our writing, too.

It also meant we had to work in new ways in the studio and indeed learn as well . 

You recorded an ode to your home city on the track 'Birmingham'.

Was that emotional to write? Birmingham was written one night with our good friend Jamie Evans.

We were writing music and drinking all day.

We just started singing about our home in the early hours, the landmarks, the places that mean so much to us.

It was fuelled by emotions and whiskey.

Being on the road you can miss home, nothing compares to it wherever you are.

It's a love letter to our city and a fitting sign off to the album.  Which songs on the album are you most looking forward to playing live? Right now I'd say 'Rich Get Richer'.

We tried it in rehearsal the other day - and it blew my fucking socks off!

The music alone was just so powerful.

Also 'Broken Pieces' which has special meaning for me.

Singing 'Birmingham' live around the UK will make me very proud.

Watch: 'Running With The Wolves':

Are you already thinking about the next album? We always have it in mind and the other songs that never made the cut on this album could make probably another two records (or maybe a full on double which need to have four pieces of vinyl).

'OK Hotel' is out now.