DIY electropop artist Maddy Storm takes us to her Surrealist Dinner Party

Maddy Storm is here to tear up the rule book with her boundary-blurring blend of gritty electropop.

The 24-year-old Brit is back with another industrial-tinged banger with one unforgettable hook in 'Surrealist Dinner Party'.

As per a press release, ‘Surrealist Dinner Party’ is based on a ‘dream ball’ hosted by Salvador Dalí, where guests were invited to dress as their most recurrent dream. The striking track sees Maddy unpack the consequences of relying on others to provide you with happiness, and reflect on the importance of not drinking when you’re sad and lonely.

Storm adds that “the main riff may sound like a mix of intense guitars and synths but it’s mostly me singing into Apple earphones filtered through distortion and a myriad of other effects.”

‘Surrealist Dinner Party’ follows Storm's debut single, ‘Dizzying Heights’, from earlier this year.

Listen here: