Don Broco - Amazing Things: Bedford rockers let rip on racism, social media and climate change

Photo: Fraser Taylor

From the release of lead single, 'Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan', which sounds like it's straight off a Rage Against The Machine record, we knew we'd have to strap in for a rage-fuelled ride with Bedford rockers Don Broco.

And we weren't wrong there - the alternative outfit's fourth studio album, 'Amazing Things', sees them let rip on racist cab drivers in the US, the toxicity of social media, and the planet's fight for survival.

Rob Damiani and co "poured all their anxieties, fears, anger, love and hope" into the follow-up to 2018's 'Technology'.

And while there is a lot of seething going on, as they said, there's also a glimmer of hope nestled in between the fury.

On 'Manchester Super Reds', Broco highlight the "cruel, unadulterated bullying" that goes on among fandoms, "F***ing bullies in their playground on somе evil s**t."

With super-charged riffs from axe-slayer Simon Delaney, the song rumbles on like a boxing match, ducking and diving from the barrage of online vitriol.

A band known to prank their fans, it just so happens that for second single, 'Gumshield', Damiani pretended he was training for a fight with UK boxing champ Dave ‘White Rhino’ Allen for the music video for the song - which again is about social media and how fearful people have become about their opinions going down the wrong way online.

On 'Uber', the band channelled their disgust at three taxi drivers making racist remarks in front of them in the US, as a reminder to call out this inexcusable behaviour.

While on ‘Swimwear Season’, Broco call out the rich and famous, with their mansions and “10 car garages”, for carelessly carrying on with their lives all the while blocking out the fact the planet is on the brink of a climate disaster.

Album closer, 'Easter Sunday', meanwhile, was penned about those who have lost their lives to COVID-19, wrapping up an extremely pressing record.

Tragically, drummer Matt Donnelly lost three uncles in a matter of months to the deadly disease, and fluttering guitars stoke the melancholy.

We did say there is an inkling of hope though, and that comes on 'One True Prince', with Broco's finest lyric of the hour: "It’s okay that we’re not in love, it’s okay that we’re not enough, spinning ‘round a dying sun."

The intense record is miles away from the punk pop party sounds of their 2012 debut 'Priorities' and 2015's follow-up 'Automatic'.

There is a resounding maturity running through 'Amazing Things', and it's reinvigorating to see the four-piece throw a myriad of new sonics into the mix and pull it off on all accounts.

Rating 8.5/10

Release date: 22.10.21

Listen to 'Amazing Things' below: