Dutch-Kurdish bedroom pop sensation Naaz shares futuristic pop belter Mute Love

Multi award-winning Dutch-Kurdish star Naaz is back with a futuristic pop belter in new single 'Mute Love'.

We've all got that someone in our lives with whom we share an unspoken bond, and no matter how many oceans apart they are from us, we feel their love.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual contact (what would we have done without FaceTime and Zoom?) with our loved ones and friends has kept us going through these unsettling times, and now Naaz has provided us with a timely soundtrack for life right now.

Speaking of the track, Naaz said: “'Mute Love’ is a song about the bright side of missing somebody, it is when you do not need to physically be present, in order to be heard, seen and touched.” 

Naaz - who wears her heart and vulnerabilities on her sleeve - delivers delicate angelically-hushed vocals over uplifting, effervescent production.

For the bedroom pop star - who grew up in a strict Kurdish household - writing the song led to her making one of the most important decisions of her life.

She explained: “The lyrics gained more meaning for me after it motivated me to leave a toxic situation in my life that had affected me greatly.

The way 'Mute Love’ sounds and makes me feel, helped my grief as it reminded me of what true love really is, and what it is not. To me, love isn’t about giving, it is not even about being present, it is simply about knowing you are there, even when it is not expressed, even when it is mute - it is still love.

The new single, set to appear on her upcoming debut album, follows her acclaimed second EP, 'the beautiful struggle', and support tours with Hayley Kiyoko and Melanie Martinez.

'Mute Love' is out now on all major streaming services.

Watch the music video for 'Mute Love':