EP Review: Eli Moon - Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels

South London's Eli Moon doesn't put a foot wrong on his dazzling second EP, 'Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels'.

Like one big virtual hug, Moon wears his vulnerabilities on his sleeve to remind us we are not alone in whatever we are feeling.

Building on the groundwork set by his astounding debut EP (2019's 'Bodies'), the versatile artist seamlessly flickers between indie-R&B, electro-rock and dark pop on all four tracks.

With 'Phases', Moon has cemented himself as a bonafide lyrical genius and, quite frankly, it should be in the charts.

'Pray', meanwhile, treads into the kind of old school hip-hop Kanye produced in his 'Stronger' phase, with intense, pulsating synths, glitchy robotised vocals, and one hell of an infectious hook.

The recurring theme throughout the EP is flirting with the idea of having an angel and devil on your shoulder, but ultimately opting to be unashamedly yourself.

Moon displays his experimental pop flair and his individuality shines through on his boldest collection to date.

Commenting on the EP, Moon said: "Angels, Devils & Empty Vessels’ is about me attempting to find my place in the world. The songs, written in the period post 'Bodies' EP ... portray the different phases of life that I was experiencing. My previous work to date has been often a very introspective analysis of my own self, and of course there is a lot of that in this EP. However, this EP is more than just about me; it’s about human behaviour, human connection and about pushing boundaries. Each song is completely different, yet individually they combine to make something singular and if we all learned to accept each other’s individuality, the end result (society) would be a much stronger and harmonious place."

Rating: 9.5/10

For Fans Of: The Weeknd, Frank Ocean

Release date 11.09.20