EP Review: Maya Delilah - Oh Boy

Maya Delilah's debut EP, 'Oh Boy', is a shimmering cascade of sensual, soulful guitar-pop, dripping in infectious melodies.

The sublime collection may deal in soul-inflected pop, but it's the phenomenal guitar-playing or slaying, if you'd like, that takes centre stage.

A singer-songwriter, first and foremost, Delilah plays the electric guitar so effortlessly - like a virtuoso beyond her years - and breezes her way up-and-down the fret board on standout tracks, 'Tangerine Dream' and 'I'm Just Stupid'. There's no doubt she'll inspire young girls to pick up a plectrum.

Lyrically, the six-tracker centres on the emotional rollercoaster of being in love, and just over halfway through, Delilah drops in a heart-wrenching tale of her cat going missing - but cleverly applies the same emotions and thought processes to a relationship.

On the opening verse, she sings: "Woke up, can't find my cat again/ Wonder if he's met his end/ Everything seems to run away from me/ Just another game of hide and seek/ No one ever comes finding me."

Is it 'cause I dug myself in too deep?

“The EP goes through a sort of timeline of a relationship: starting to fall for someone, second guessing the whole thing, thinking you are being played, throwing your doubts aside and figuring out what you like about that person, then feeling at ease when everything is FINALLY ‘perfect’. And there’s also a song about my cat…!”, Delilah says of the EP.

Finale 'Breathe Easy' is just like the quintessential ending to a rom-com, as the track emulates that woozy feeling that comes with being madly in love; the dream state.

The filmic EP meets its conclusion via a showstopping guitar solo, one final high note, Delilah's sigh of relief, and a jazzy piano outro.

This fine debut has us psyched for what's to come.

'Oh Boy' is out now on all major streaming services.

Rating: 8/10

For Fans Of: John Mayer, Corinne Bailey Rae, Joss Stone

Release date: July 3