Exclusive: Bang Bang Romeo's Stars Walker: Duetting with P!NK would be the icing on the cake

Photo: Holly Rose

Bang Bang Romeo have been living in a surreal universe ever since they found out pop superstar P!nk had put forward their name to support the ‘What About Us’ hitmaker on her upcoming 'Beautiful Trauma Tour'.

The Doncaster trio's singer Anastasia 'Stars' Walker - whose bandmates are Ross Cameron (guitars) and Richard Gartland (drums) - admitted: "It’s hard to grasp.

"I didn’t believe it at first. 

"When I knew it was true my mind just blew. 

"She mentioned us to her agent and threw our hat into the ring, if you like, out of all these other people she picked us.

"It’s amazing that someone like P!nk, whose very inspiring to myself and other people, picked us."

It's an exciting time in Bang Bang Romeo camp, with their debut album, 'A Heartbreaker's Guide To The Galaxy’, released on June 14, just six days before they kick off the P!nk tour in Cardiff on June 20.

And it’s all systems go, with the band carrying out their “biggest” tour “prep” to date so they are “ready for war” next month.

Stars said: "We are just doing the biggest prep ever. Rehearsals, writing, looking after ourselves and vocal coaches, different vocal coaches.

"Just going through the motions of making sure we are ready for war in June."

Earlier this year, Bastille's Dan Smith performed 'Just Give Me A Reason' as a surprise duet with P!nk at the BRIT Awards, and 'Shame On You' singer Stars told us she would jump at the chance to join her idol on stage at one of their upcoming gigs. 

She said: "I’d be so up for it. I would be so ready. I’d just want to do her proud. 

"I saw that Dan came out and did that with her at the BRITs and was like, Imagine if she asked us. That would honestly be the icing on top of the cake, wouldn’t it?"

P!nk broke the mold for female pop stars by being unashamedly herself and became a spokesperson for teens everywhere who have ever felt out of place, with empowering anthems such as 'Don't Let Me Get Me' and 'Just Like Fire’.

Stars believes the 'Get The Party Started' hitmaker appeals to the masses because she writes songs about real life things that happen to everyone.

She explained: "She is just real isn’t she? She is inspiring all of us to be strong and look after ourselves and she is not afraid to sing and write about real things that happen to normal people.

"She is not singing about money and bitches and everything 24/7."

Bang Bang Romeo's album will follow P!nk's blueprint, as Stars is about to unleash her diary to the world via the band's “universe” they have created.

She teased: "It’s a diary entry. The whole thing is a diary entry. Stories, whether they are our own personal heartbreak or picking up your first vinyl on Record Store Day, all the way to writing a script for a film and creating a universe."

Asked how it feels to be putting her diary out into the public domain, Stars admitted: "It is kind of refreshing, you know, when you have had something on your mind for a long time. 

"I’m just excited to see what people think of our music."

Stars and her bandmates are huge movie and sci-fi geeks, and they are hoping one day they will get to turn their hand at penning a soundtrack or script.

The powerhouse said: "I think our dream would be do something, we are huge film and musical fans.

"Even to do a soundtrack or something would be amazing. 

"It’s kind of what we love. If one day we could write a script to a film that would be amazing."

Watch this space!

Bang Bang Romeo support P!nk on 'The Beautiful Trauma Tour' across the UK and Europe this June. For the full tour dates visit BeautifulTraumaTour.com

Pre-order 'A Heartbreaker's Guide To The Galaxy' here.