From BLACKPINK to The Human League: GIRLI on the songs that shaped Damsel in Distress

"Tove Lo inspires me constantly."

GIRLI has released her new EP, 'Damsel in Distress', today (22.10.21), a five-tracker exploring themes of unrequited love, body dysmorphia and self-discovery.

Here, the alt-pop star, aka Milly Toomey, reveals the songs that inspired the collection, including BLACKPINK, Tove Lo, and, unexpectedly, synth-pop legends The Human League...

'Kill This Love' - BLACKPINK

The first time I heard this song, I was blown away by the epic-ness of it. I think a lot of Westerners put K-Pop in a separate category to mainstream pop and dismiss it, but the pop music coming out of Korea is next level genius. This song inspired my track 'Ricochet' with its huge hooks and dramatic production.

'True Disaster' - Tove Lo

Tove Lo inspires me constantly. Her songs are so genuinely her, you can feel the emotion and energy through every word she sings. She’s authentically herself and doesn’t give a flying fuck. This song inspired me when I was writing 'More Than A Friend'.

Photo: Haris Nukem

"Westerners put K-Pop in a separate category to mainstream pop and dismiss it."

'bury a friend' - Billie Eilish

The production on this album is ridiculous!! This song really inspired me when I was writing 'Ruthless', it had the pop mixed with darkness vibe that I was aiming for with my own song.

'Hot N Cold' - Katy Perry

This song will never not be a reference when I’m writing a song. The drums, the vocal quality, the lyrics, the mastery. This is my favourite pop song of all time. I remember making up choreo to it when I was 11 with my cousin in Australia in our grandma’s backyard. A decade later, and I STILL can’t get enough of this song. I brought this up as inspo for the drums on 'I Don’t Like Myself'.

'Don’t You Want Me' - The Human League

Driving 80s pop songs were the inspiration for ‘Dysmorphia’. I can’t remember exactly what songs I was listening to at the time but I know this was one of them.

Stream 'Damsel in Distress' below: