Galantis take us on a trippy 3D fantasy ride in 'Bones' music video

Swedish duo Galantis have shared the cutting-edge 3D-animated music video for their latest single 'Bones' featuring OneRepublic.

The 'Peanut Butter Jelly' hitmakers - comprised of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow - teamed up with director Spencer Hord of AfterWeDead for the colourful explosion that is ‘Bones’.

The ingeniously-crafted computer-generated promo sees a real-life human enter an animated amusement park and leave their skin on the outside, providing us with a perspective of what it would actually be like if we were all just skeletons.

It's difficult not to get lost in the trippy visuals, a true out-of-body experience.

The song itself sees OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder - a lyrical genius who has penned hits for Adele, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and Sir Paul McCartney to name but a few - sing about heartbreak crippling your soul - and your BONES.

He belts out: "And I know when it cuts deep down through your chest into your soul. That’s how you know, that’s how I know. I feel it in my bones."

On what inspired the video, Hord explained: “This project was a rare occasion where our amazing team of animators, editors, and production nerds saw the album artwork and immediately knew how to visualise their concept.

"Bringing to life the song was no straightforward feat.

“We wanted to do something conceptually simple but visually


"The goal was to create a literal representation of ‘Bones’ with 3D animation, and merge these CG assets with a moody amusement park environment to create a surreal mixed-reality narrative.

"We shot the live action plates at Castle Park in Riverside - a small theme park

in Southern California I grew up attending for various grade-school birthday parties. The location was much better than I remembered, and the production process became a nostalgic experience to say the least.”

'Bones' follows the well-received singles ‘San Francisco’ (feat. Sofia Carson), ‘Emoji’, Satisfied’ (feat. MAX), and ‘Spaceship’ (feat. Uffie).