George Pelham give us The Lowdown on his Top 5 favourite Beatles songs

'60s-inspired singer/songwriter George Pelham is hugely influenced by The Beatles and filmed his latest music video for 'Good Thing Going' at various locations in the iconic rock band's home city of Liverpool.

Here's George's top 5 Beatles songs...

Can't Buy Me Love: 'A Hard Day's Night' is such a great album and I'd say this was my favourite song on it.

It's so simple and catchy but has something raw about it as well - everything I could ask for in a record.

Twist and Shout: John Lennon's vocals on this are just amazing - I read that he had been singing all day and this was the last song the band was meant to record, so he was on the verge of losing his voice when singing it. I'd love to sound like that after a day of recording. Also I love how simple the music video is - genius. 

Got To Get You Into My Life: I think 'Revolver' was the first Beatles album I listened to, and this track is a real favourite of mine.

It's guaranteed to put you in a good mood, and the brass arrangement is pretty phenomenal.

Eight Days A Week: I heard a Paul McCartney interview where he said he came up with the title after chatting with a cab driver in Liverpool; it's such a good idea for a song.

Also the music video really gives you an idea of how The Beatles affected audiences when they played, and the footage looks like it could have been made today; I don't know how they did it. 

Blackbird: Possibly my favourite song of all, and maybe the most well-known song in this list.

The guitar part is iconic - I think it was one of the first songs I learned to play - and the lyrics are so poignant; it's political but it's also very hopeful and melodic. 


On why he chose Liverpool to film his latest promo for 'Good Thing Going', George told us:

"I've spent a lot of time in Liverpool over the past few years and I love it there - it's such a beautiful city with a huge amount of history.

"I think there's something in the water there as the people are all so kind and welcoming.

"This might sound ridiculous, but the best thing about filming there was eating salt and pepper chips in between takes - they don't have them in London for some reason but I am absolutely addicted and can't wait to come back."

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