Henrik Felipe shoots for the stars with future-facing debut EP BACKYARD

Photo: Herman Friis 

Just like The Weeknd, Norway's Henrik Felipe deals in stylish woozy atmospherics and futuristic R&B for after hours.

Traversing rap, pop, indie and R&B, the superstar-in-the-making‘s thrilling debut EP, 'BACKYARD', comes bearing unfiltered tales of "failed relationships, fleeting passions and forbidden love between friends".

The euphoric five-tracker is filled with hypnotic beats and future-facing pop production by studio wizard Marius Eflstedt (Selmer, Mall Girl, Vegard & Iver Band).

Equal measures of erotic and menacing, standout track, 'FOR NOW', is about the use of sex as a temporary fix to cope with problems, and climaxes via pulsating synths and seductive, breathy vocals.

On what inspired the song, Felipe explains: “The song is about sex

fixing a problem when things are complicated, even though it’s only temporary. It’s a

short-lived release that can end up helping things just for now."

BACKYARD’ has only been out less than 24 hours, and we’re already thirsty for more.

Listen to ‘BACKYARD' here.