Husband-and-wife duo Flora Cash: "We'd love to see our love story played out on the silver screen."

"We'd love to see our love story played out on the silver screen."

Flora Cash truly have a unique modern-day love story like no other.

Swedish musician Shpresa Lleshaj came across now-husband Cole Randall's music whilst browsing music-sharing platform SoundCloud, next she began leaving comments on his tracks, then came an introductory chat on Facebook, before they started Skype sessions.

The pair had thousands of miles between them, with Cole residing in Minneapolis in the US, but nothing could stop this fairy-tale romance.

A year later, they tied the knot and they now live together in Stockholm, where they have their own home studio and have been releasing their own unique brand of indie-pop with reoccurring themes of anxiety, love, and hopefulness and hopelessness all rolled into one, ever since.

Today, the pair release their second album, 'Baby, It's Okay', the follow-up to their 2017 debut, 'Nothing Lasts Forever (And It's Fine)'.

Cole and Shpresea tell Lizzie's Lowdown what it's really like working with your other half, what turned them on about each other musically, and how they'd love to see their unusual story turned into a movie.

Why did you name the album 'Baby, It’s Okay?'

It comes from a lyric in one of the tracks and for us it encapsulated the general idea of the record which is that things are seldom as bad as they seem.

Which song started off the album?

Technically ‘For A While’ is the oldest track on the album having been written and recorded in 2013.

Tell us some of the themes running through the album?

Love, anxiety, frustration, loss, motivation, paranoia, hopelessness, hopefulness, persistence.

What's the song 'You Love Me' about?

It’s basically about a relationship that is equivalent to a drug.

You know it’s dangerous and probably not the healthiest thing but it also seems to make you better; at least feel better.

What’s your songwriting and recording process and your individual roles in the studio?

We don’t really have one process.

We approach every song differently based on how we’re relating to it or how we happen to be feeling.

Sometimes one of us writes almost all the lyrics before presenting it to the other, sometimes we write every single line together.

Ultimately, almost everything ends up with an even contribution once the dust settles.

We spend a lot of time getting everything “right.”

At least as we see it.

We act as a check on each other and push each other to be better.

Did you have a difficult second album like many experience?

Not really.

We make music we want to listen to.

That’s our approach.

Our thinking has always been, if we make something we both love, then chances are someone else will love it too – and if you get enough of those people together, you have a fan base.

So we’re not really worried about what other people think as long as we like the work.

Where people tend to get into trouble is when they make things they think people want to hear and then it turns out the actual product suffers.

The most difficult part of making this album was narrowing down which songs to spend time on and which songs to include because we are sitting on probably three albums' worth of material we really like.

Are you good at being able to tell each other if you don’t like something? Do you ever have creative differences?

We have creative differences all the time.

Actually, it’s more common that we disagree than agree which is why it’s always that much more special when we end up at place we’re both happy with.

Sometimes it can be difficult to say we don’t like something the other is working on (since we love each other and no one wants to hurt someone they love) - but we always tell the truth to each other.

Which songs from the record are you most looking forward to playing live?

Honestly, we’re looking forward to playing all of them!

And that’s the plan for our upcoming tour. To play the record in its entirety (along with a few older fan favorites, of course!)

Did you know you were onto a winner when you were making chart-topper 'You’re Somebody Else?'

We actually had mixed feelings about it.

We couldn’t agree on whether it was a potential hit or not so we ultimately didn’t even put it out as a single when it was first released.

But there was something in our gut telling us the song was something special.

Watch 'You're Somebody Else':

How would you describe your musical partnership?

Honest, loving, difficult, fulfilling, frustrating.

What turned you on musically about each other?

We liked each other’s voices and each other’s lyrics.

Is it important to separate your everyday life from the studio or do they overlap?

They overlap. We record almost everything in our home studio, which is in our apartment in Stockholm, which is a small apartment – thus, we’re pretty much “in the studio” all the time.

You have such a unique love story. Have you thought about or ever been approached to turn it into a movie?

We’ve thought about it a lot actually.

We’d love to see our story played out on the silver screen.

Hopefully it would be an inspiration to a lot of people that think something like this isn’t possible.

Your songs have been featured in TV shows. Would you like to do a movie score or soundtrack?

Would absolutely love to do that. We have a huge passion for film and film music.

Are you already thinking about the next thing, constantly writing?

The next album is already in the works! We’re really excited about what’s coming.

Stream 'Baby, It's Okay' below: