'I’d get an A* in self-sabotage': Getting To Know pop newcomer Alice L

"Nothing makes me more creative than going through a tough time … I’d get an A* in self-sabotage."

Alice L is a name we will be hearing a lot more of.

The pop-star-in-waiting is back with another infectious slice of sugary-sweet pop with her new breakup banger, 'Hang Up'.

Hot off the heels of her debut single, 'Still Thinking of Me?', which has been streamed over 30,000 times in the space of three weeks, it's no surprise she's following it up so quickly with this bonafide bop.

Here, Alice opens up about working on her self-sabotaging ways, getting inspired by fellow pop singer Lennon Stella in lockdown, and teases four more singles are set for release this year...

Your first single did so well with over 30,000 streams in three weeks. As an independent artist how did that feel? I was completely blown away with the response. Releasing music is so scary because you really do convince yourself you are the only one that likes it, so receiving that kind of love on my first release was just incredible.

Tell us about your new single Hang Up and what it was like writing such a personal song?

It’s a song I wrote quite fresh out of a breakup, and it’s about not being able to let go of someone because you often still care a lot about them – even if you know it's best if you just ‘hang up’ the phone and get rid! It was super therapeutic writing this one, it definitely helped me finally close a chapter.

Who produced the song? That was an amazing guy called Nick Tudor, who co-wrote the song with me and Charlie Braganza. They are such an awesome duo and have since become some of my closest friends.

What inspires you generally?

Life! Honestly, nothing makes me more creative than going through a tough time … I’d get an A* in self-sabotage. I’m working on that though, trying to just be happy and find that emotion from other places.

Alice L goes Behind The Song: 'Still Thinking of Me?'

How do you hope your music will make people feel?

Understood. There’s nothing I love more than finding a song that just hits you because of how much you relate to it. I write about my painful experiences and hope others find it in the same sort of way.

We’ve just seen the Mercury Prize nominations with majority female artists nominated. How does that make you feel as a female singer starting out?

It is extremely inspiring and makes me very proud to be a female!

What’s it been like making new music in lockdown? Where do you create/write best and what's your process? Dua Lipa has to be in a dark room and Ellie Goulding has to wear all black!

I’ve been pretty focused on finishing all my releases in lockdown so I’ve taken my foot off the accelerator a bit with writing, but usually I've just got to have some honey, lemon tea and a very patient and empathetic co-write!

Which artists are on your isolation playlist?

I am loving Lennon Stella at the moment and have been since her album dropped at the start of lockdown. It’s definitely the kind of album that makes me want to head to the studio and get creative. I’ve also got a bit of Lauv and Astrid S’ new songs on repeat.

When did you realise you had a talent for singing?

I don’t think there was a ‘moment’ as such, I just loved it and didn’t stop singing till I made myself good, I guess.

Had you always set your sights on being a singer, did you have any other passions? Always. There was a brief few years where I was going to go into Musical Theatre, but that was still performing and singing, so there’s really never been any other option for me.

What other jobs have you had?

Pretty much all the poor musician jobs! Gigging, waitressing, retail, voice overs, teaching ... you get the gist. But don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy doing that to enable me to keep creating.

Any hidden talents?

I can do a killer Britney Spears impression.

What's coming up for you next?

MORE SINGLES!!! ‘Hang Up’ is only number two of six this year…!

'Hang Up' is available to stream now.