Inhaler deliver the goods... It Won't Always Be Like This is a much-needed burst of optimism

When your dad is one of the biggest rock stars of all time (U2's Bono) that’s gigantic footsteps to follow in, but when you are as good as Elijah Hewson and co - it's a walk in the park.

Sure, Bono and his offspring have a very similar singing voice and, sonically, Inhaler have gone for the same stadium-filling rock anthems U2 have been selling out with long before they were born.

But Inhaler’s debut album, 'It Won't Always Be Like This', is a breath of fresh air for rock music.

The band turned a negative (a COVID-19 release delay) into a positive, by taking more time to really hone in on their sound and what they want to say.

Bassist Robert Keating noted: "We started writing this when we were teenagers and now we're adults."

Hewson added: "I wanted the songs to feel positive. Because ... it won't always be like this."

The result is a more refined, versatile and mature selection of soaring serenades, tightly produced and sealed with deep introspection.

'Totally' sounds like a more subdued and sparse self-titled era The 1975, but the group really shine on tracks like instant crowd-pleaser, 'My Honest Face', an unapologetically radio-ready indie-pop ditty.

Groove-laden 'Slide Out The Window' is unlike anything Inhaler have done before, while the four-piece are their most experimental on psychedelic slow-burner 'A Night On The Floor'.

'Cheer Up Baby' is one of the band's earliest tracks and a timeless classic thanks to simple, yet effective songwriting; it's a song you'll always go back to for more.

Inhaler deliver the goods, providing a much-needed burst of optimism and further proof that indie-rock has life in it yet.

Completed by guitarist Josh Jenkinson and drummer Ryan McMahon, the rising foursome have grafted for a few years now, and this long-awaited debut LP is a testament that hard work pays off.