Interview: Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor talk wanting to collaborate with pal Niall Horan + Ed Sheeran paving the way for buskers

Hudson Taylor

"We'd be up for collaborating with Niall Horan."

Irish duo Hudson Taylor - comprised of brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor - have supported The Rolling Stones and can count One Direction's Niall Horan as a buddy.

It's been three years since their debut LP 'Singing for Strangers', but the band recently released the EP 'Feel It Again', a taster of what to expect from their second record which is almost finished.

Here we talk to the pair about jamming with Niall's band and the possibility of collaborating with the 1D star, how Ed Sheeran paved the way for buskers and the biggest gig of their lives, filling in for Tom Odell as The Rolling Stones' opening act at British Summer Time Hyde Park in 2013...

Ed Sheeran proved it's possible to go from busker to global superstar, has that made a difference in the industry?

There is big tradition of busking in the music industry.

I think Ed Sheeran has paved the way in a lot of ways in terms of being one lad with an acoustic guitar playing in front of thousands of people, it makes us not feel as weird doing that.

Just playing a gig acoustically on our own I think people are more used to hearing just one person on the guitar, whereas before Ed Sheeran, yes there were people doing it, but they weren't selling out Croke Park say or Wembley or whatever. It's quite inspiring to see.

Did you get to meet The Rolling Stones when you filled in for poorly Tom Odell as their support act at Hyde Park, what was the day like?

There was not enough time to be nervous about it.

55,000 people. We got up there and it was our drummer's first gig with us, it was a really hot day, we'd already done one gig.

"We ended up playing an hour and half at Hyde Park and Rolling Stones only did an hour and 45. It was Jake Bugg and The Rolling Stones.

We've since seen Tom and said thank you for the chest infection.

We didn't get to see them backstage, I saw the back of their beautiful black SUV and shook the wing mirror.

How do you know Niall?

I (Harry) went to school with Niall and I used to see him on the train a lot, a particular time I saw him it was before The X Factor and he said, 'Oh, by the way don't tell anyone but I've got through on The X factor, they've put me in a group.'

Off he went around the world with One Direction. 

We still see him now and again and he's such a humble character. 

Will you have the chance to collaborate with Niall?

He's got a great live band who we actually know, we've actually played with a few of them.

Who knows, we'd be up for that. I really like his new tunes as well.

Do you see One Direction reuniting? 

I am sure they will do a reunion at some point. It would be cool. 

They have all taken time away and got their own experiences, it would be cool to see what they would do.

Are there going to be any collaborations on the album?

Not featuring anyone, but we have a lot of special guests. My (Alfie) girlfriend Gabrielle Aplin and then just a lot of friends are doing bits and bobs.

What's it like singing with your girlfriend?

It's very cool.

She has an amazing voice, I am very lucky to be singing with her.

We featured on her last album, which is cool. It's a lovely personal connection to it all.


When can we expect the album?

We will do a summer of festivals and hopefully get the album out by autumn. 

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