Introducing new alt-rock star Lina Maxine and her mind-bending debut single, MANGO

New DIY alt-rock star Lina Maxine has released her mind-bending debut single, 'MANGO'.

The mullet-rocking Russian-American artist - who is now working out of London's Tileyard Studios producing and working with collaborators - has a degree in neuroscience from Oxford University, but alongside that she honed her writing, producing, mixing and playing bass.

The songwriter's passion lies in the "brain and its many mysteries", while she aims to "amplify voices of scientific and medical communities through her platform."

For her mind-blowing debut single, a concoction of filthy industrial beats, funky guitars, and eerily, ethereal vocals, Maxine used Mango as a play on words for letting that "man go".

Speaking of the independently released track, Maxine said: “I love brain teasers, so I wanted to make a song with a play on words. I used the fruit as a metaphor for a relationship that's overripe; no longer fruitful or enjoyable. If someone you are with doesn't love and appreciate you, you've ‘got to let that MAN GO.’ The song is about the power of letting go.”

You could easily mistake Maxine's animated vocals for those of pop and ska idol, Gwen Stefani, meandering between the highest and lowest of notes with ease.

All of her upcoming songs are written, performed and co-produced by herself.

The Oxford graduate made her live debut in New York City last year, at The Cutting Room, and already sold out her headline London show at The Bedford in Balham.

Stream 'MANGO' here.