Kerri Watt provides an antidote to pandemic blues with uplifting three-track EP

Glaswegian singer/songwriter Kerri Watt has provided the perfect antidote to pandemic blues with her three-track EP, 'Chapter 1'.

Watt ultimately decided that she wanted to hold tight on releasing her debut album because it "didn't feel right" putting it out amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explaining her decision to postpone her album's release, Watt said: "I've waited such a long time to release my debut album, so when we went into lockdown a few months before it was due was pretty gutting. Releasing an album with no live shows to promote it, and without getting to interact with the incredible fans that have been on this long journey with me didn't feel right.”

Fortunately for her fans, she's working on a series of EPs to fill the gap, and the first, 'Chapter 1', is the perfect introduction to Watt's versatile style, traversing country, pop, folk and rock.

Single 'Jessie' has been out for a while now, but it's set the bar for what's to come from the rising star. It's a modern classic and wouldn't sound out of place on a Sheryl Crow record.

As well as putting her own heartfelt spin on NEEDTOBREATHE's 'Let's Stay Home Tonight', Watt channels her inner Hanson and proves she's got the chops to carry off a feisty rock anthem on 'Can't Catch Me'.

Stream 'Chapter 1' here.