Lauren Dejey - 'Kali Ma' EP: A heady sun dance about overcoming toxic relationships

"Releasing hurt, reclaiming power, rebuilding your identity", is what South London artist Lauren Dejey set about achieving with her debut EP, 'Kali Ma'.

Named after the Hindu Goddess of the same name, Dejey presents a heady sun dance about overcoming toxic relationships and getting back in touch with who you are.

Opening track 'Headache', about feeling trapped inside your own mind, sees Dejey unspooling her dark thoughts over pulsating beats: "Living with a headache I can't sleep off. Fighting all the temptation to cut it all off."

There's also a darkly comedic tone to Dejey's lyrics, "Do not lie to me. Cus I'm a Scorpio. I'll cut you open with my words before you know," she sarkily retorts on the razor-edged 'Like a Curse'.

Pin-drop closer, 'Yours' eases you in gently as a woozy piano number, before Deyjey repeats "I don't wanna be yours" over and over and throws a curveball with an unexpected Drum and bass-tinged finale.

A little window into the rip-roaring talents of the rising star, 'Kali Ma' is an auspicious introduction to alt-pop's A* newcomer.

Rating: 8/10

For Fans Of: Billie Eilish, girl in red

Release Date: Out now

Listen below: