Live Lowdown: Slam Dunk Festival South @ Hatfield House

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

"The first Slam Dunk at new festival site Hatfield House saw bigger stages, a wedding proposal and headlining sets accompanied by mother nature."

Proposal during As It Is set

ROAM 9/10


Arguably one of the most exciting bands to have come out of South East England in the last couple of years, ROAM have built a steady following for themselves.

Loyal fans came down to Slam Dunk to support the five piece and help them deliver one of the most energetic performances of the day, with lead vocalist Alex Costello doing backflips and the band bringing out inflatables for the audience to crowd surf on.

In between jumping around, ROAM’s vocalist and guitarist Alex Adam found the time to address this generation's issues with money and materialism, emphasising that those things shouldn’t be what defines our happiness, before playing ‘The Rich Life Of A Poor Man’ from 2017's 'Great Heights & Nosedives'.

As always, ROAM delivered a performance strong in both energy and sound, making them one of our favourites to play Slam Dunk this year.



Manchester pop punksters Milestones proved themselves worthy of being chosen to play Rock Sound’s Breakout Stage this year.

The four-piece - who released their debut album 'Red Light' in February on Fearless Records - brought with them their massive melodies and charming punk spirit, with the band pulling in a wandering crowd and filling out the big top tent by the end of their performance.

Having previously played alongside the likes of Mayday Parade, With Confidence, WSTR and Simple Plan, the boys have honed their craft in front of big audiences and on Sunday (27.05.18), they delivered a high energy show with bassist Mark Threlfall and guitarist Eden Leviston not standing still once throughout their set. 

Sleeping With Sirens 9/10

Back for the first time after playing Slam Dunk in 2013, US emo legends Sleeping With Sirens showered fans with a mix of old and new songs, taking tracks from all five of their studio albums.

The set showed the wide variety of genres the band have covered during their career, from recent pop single ‘Legends’ to the band's heavier and most famous song ‘If You Can’t Hang’, all hung together by Kellin Quinn’s unique and easily identifiable voice.

The band is best known for Quinn’s wide vocal range and their strong stage presence, with bassist Justin Hill spinning around, guitarist Jack Fowler doing jump kicks and Quinn throwing his mic in the air.

AS IT IS 8/10

As It Is

Returning to Slam Dunk for the third time was Brighton-based As It Is.

Though vocalist Patty Walters was sporting a new 2005-style emo look, their sound couldn't have been more 2018 pop punk than it was. The band kicked off their set with their recent single ‘The Wounded World’, before playing songs off their previous releases. Halfway through the set, Patty invited a couple on the stage to join them with a special request which turned out to be a wedding proposal - they said yes - easily turning their performance into one of the band’s most memorable to date. With their catchy songs and a sound embracing the essence of pop punk, As It Is’ set saw attracted a crowd of all ages dancing and singing along.

Watch: Good Charlotte perform in thunder at Slam Dunk, Hatfield:


One of the headliners at 2018’s Slam Dunk was pop punk veterans Good Charlotte.

The 'Girls & Boys' hitmakers made their set quite an emotional one, with frontman Joel Madden making many speeches about the rough times the band has been through, but how their fans and certain bands - including Sleeping With Sirens and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - have helped them through it and inspired them to make their forthcoming LP, ‘Generation Rx’, set for release later this year.

This support from fans was really felt throughout the set with festival-goers singing along everywhere in the crowd, including at bars way back from the stage.

The setlist included Good Charlotte classics such as ‘The Anthem’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Little Things’, ‘I Just Wanna Live’ and ‘Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous’ and was accompanied by thunder and lightening lighting up the night sky.