Live Review: Demob Happy - Brighton, Concorde 2 - 02.03.19

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

"Demob Happy wrap their UK headline tour with a deafening applause."

Demob Happy took to the stage of Concorde 2 in Brighton for a truly mesmerising close to their latest headline run.

Stage dives and mosh pits combined with a surprise unplugged segment, the Newcastle-formed band created a night for the books.

The evening kicked off with gloom pop band Heirloom - fronted by the shared vocals of Jane Rivers and Jade Taaffe.

Their combination of baritone and alto voices with strong instrumentals has made them rightfully appear alongside Demob on various occasions, always persuading more listeners to fall under their spell.

Next up was Sick Joy, another Brighton-via-Newcastle band, who brought up the pace of the evening with their grungy heaviness and melodies laced with a pop finish, getting audience psyched for the main act.

As the clock ticked nine and the crowd started to get rowdy, Demob’s trademark entry song started to play over the speakers before going into the intro of Succubus with the band’s appearance on the stage.

As soon as the first note was played the room’s energy got doubled and the first small mosh pit started to form, with fans dancing and screaming along to the words sung by Matt Marcantonio.

The band kept up the high energy throughout the first half of the set with songs including ‘Loosen It’ and ‘Spinning Out, which induced the most crowd movement of all songs played.

After fan-favourite ‘Liar In Your Head’, the band took things down a notch by playing ‘Running Around’ sung by drummer Tom Armstrong in his calm falsetto voice, giving everyone a moment to breathe as there’s not much to scream along too aside from the song’s chorus.

The band then took it down even more with a surprise unplugged version of ‘Holy Doom’, something they hadn’t done before but could definitely get away with doing on a more regular basis.

For this song, Matt swaps his bass for keys and Tom leaves his drums to back Adam Godfrey up with a second guitar.

The vocals on this song are easily the best heard throughout the evening, with Matt singing in his incredible falsetto voice and the others joining in with captivating harmonies that genuinely exceeded all of our expectations.

The energy suddenly picked up again with ‘Junk DNA’ getting everyone back to moshing like that brief intersection never happened.

Second to last is Demob’s recent single ‘Less Is More’, making the crowd ready for the set closer ‘Be Your Man’, which for one last time gets the crowd going mental and sees the band giving all of their last energy to end the night on the highest note possible.

Demob wrapped the tour by all stage diving and crowd surfing for a minute before getting back on stage for a final wave goodbye under a deafening applause.

Reviewed by: Eline Joling

Rating out of 10: 9/10