Matt Ryder broods over lack of privacy as a teen in the age of social media on hypnotic Not The Same

Photo: Milly Cope

Young Birmingham producer, beat-maker and artist, Matt Ryder, is proving to be an exceptional talent with a knack for making thought-provoking pop that gives Mura Masa a run for his money.

The bedroom pop star's latest offering, 'Not The Same', sees the talented singer brood over living in a world with no privacy thanks to social media.

Speaking on what inspired the track, Ryder explained: “I felt like I was constantly overthinking everything I was doing and saying, even the thoughts I had I would overthink."

He added: “it was encouraged by the teenage society I was involved with. You can never really have a private life when you're young.”

Last year, Ryder released his exceptional debut EP, '50 FT', a raw and introspective collection on love, heartbreak and mental health.

The future is bright for this dynamic and discerning new talent, who is wise beyond his years.

'Not The Same' is out now.