Milk Teeth's Becky Blomfield opens up on her mental health battle

"I constantly weigh up if the good can ever heal all I’ve been through."

Becky Blomfield went through hell and back when internal frictions tore apart Milk Teeth.

Even though the pop punk group returned with their second self-titled LP last month, and welcomed guitarist Em Foster and drummer Jack Kenny to the lineup, the only original member left standing has admitted she still suffers "weekly nightmares" and contemplates whether she will ever fully heal from the painful chapter in Milk Teeth's history.

Here, Becky gets candid about her battle with depression, needing therapy and calls on the music industry to stop silencing women and non-binary artists...

How did you feel amidst the collapse of the band? It psychologically messed with my head.

I still have weekly nightmares and fits in bed about stuff that went down - it was an incredibly traumatic and unsettling time and one that is going to cost me a lot in therapy bills! 

What kept you going? My partner's support. My family and friends support.

Sheer determination and will not to let it break me completely. 

How does it feel to be in Milk Teeth now? It depends on the day.

Some days it’s feels like the best thing in the world and other times I feel so broken by stuff that’s happened it’s incredibly bittersweet.

I constantly weigh up if the good can ever heal all I’ve been through. 

Tell us about the main themes on the record? The main theme is resilience and self-preservation after years of abuse.

It’s a self reflective piece on the challenges that we’re faced and the effects of those on my mental health. 

Watch 'Transparent':

'Transparent' is a very bold song. Tell me the message behind that one? It's about ownership of not being continued to be abused and taking back some of the self esteem that got bled dry. It’s a bit of fuck you moment.  You are a band who have done a lot to promote women's and LGBTQ+ rights.

What changes would you like to see in the music industry in terms of equality? I’d like women and non-binary people to be heard more not silenced or dismissed.

I feel the same way about POC in this industry. It’s pretty fucked up to be honest with you. 

Are you guys working on anything special for yours fans whilst we are on lockdown ? I’ve tried to be there as much as possible for fans just on a human level, whether that’s been live-streaming, me making and eating breakfast with them to check in or talking to individuals on Twitter.

It was important to us not to push back the release as we feel people need music now more than ever. 

'Milk Teeth' the album is out now.