Nashville alt-pop trio COIN talk new album Dreamland

Photo: David O'Donohue

"This band has been through a lot - we almost didn't know if we would be able to release Dreamland."

Nashville alt-pop trio COIN - comprised of Chase Lawrence, Ryan Winnen, and Joe Memmel - defied the odds to bring fans their third album, 'Dreamland', after a challenging few years, and now they are back stronger than ever with their most triumphant record to date.

COIN tell Lizzie's Lowdown how the band fell into an "abyss" during a long stint touring the world in support of 2017's 'How Will You Know If You Never Try' and how a stranger inspired the title 'Dreamland'.

Why did you choose the title Dreamland?

The last album cycle had us traveling so much that we were hardly ever home.

The three of us were definitely living in our own little world, floating in an abyss of what felt like would never really end.

As we started to tour less and see home a bit more, we realised the universe hadn’t waited for us and so much had changed all around us.

Friends were married with kids, close ones had moved on etc.

Chase was at home conversing with some friends and learning about what had been going on in his hometown.

An older man overheard the conversation and simply asked, 'Son you must be livin’ in dreamland?!' Why yes, yes we have. Thank you, mystery man.

You recorded the tracks in Nashville, Seoul, London and Los Angeles, how did the various countries you recorded in influence the record?

I think that the excitement and exposure to different cultures created an energy that was very difficult to replicate.

We captured that energy in every moment we had the chance to and never changed a thing about.

I also think that constant travel can drive a human crazy. There are hints of question, depression, excitement, and thankfulness all wrapped up with a pretty bow.

Tell us about the song 'Valentine'?

'Valentine' came out of nowhere. A happy accident of a pro tools session called “rock n roll song”. This one is special because we collaborated so closely but only through texting voice memos. 40% of the song was recorded on an iPhone.

How would you say you've grown as a band since the last record?

The past few years, this band has been through a lot.

At one point, we almost didn’t even know if we were going to be able to release 'Dreamland'.

Through all of our journeys, we have truly learned to lean on each other.

We know our strengths and our weaknesses more than ever. I think this allows each of us to fill in the blanks. It is truly a beautiful thing.

We also aren’t children anymore - we’ve grown up!

Listen to 'Valentine':

'Youuu' was a fan-favourite at your shows before it was released. Do you think you will road test songs more in the future?

Absolutely. It taught us so much. We tried that with 'Crash My Car', too, and the chorus on the recording feels so much more alive as a result.

Were there any particular artists you were influenced by whilst making the album?

We weren’t influenced by artists as much as we were influenced by culture and interaction. While writing this album, we travelled so much and were introduced to so many new feelings.

Capture those moments, mix in personal journeys, write it in a diary, and I think you basically have the recipe for Dreamland.

What did you learn from The 1975 when you supported them?

The 1975 live truly are a band’s band.

It’s all in the details with them.

They have seamlessly morphed themselves into a multi-genre, high art cult band whose footprint is permanent.

They seem to remind people each time they reinvent themselves that there’s only one of their band.

Unabashed risk taking, as a theme, is something I think many artists across all mediums can appreciate.

What's next for you after the tour?

This first US tour of the year is a good introduction to 'Dreamland', but is just that - an introduction.

After these US shows, we would like to share 'Dreamland' and the live show with the rest of the world.

We will be touring anywhere we are welcome!

'Dreamland' is out now.